Adventure With Courtney

This blog, it’s a history adventure blog and I’m your host, Courtney (check out the “About Page” for more details on me)!

Let’s be honest, I’m a history nerd, dork, geek- whichever word you want to use. I have an M.S. in historic preservation and a B.A. in history and archaeology. So obviously I live, breathe, and eat history.

Wait. That may be going too far but anyways you get the point.

I’ve discovered that too many people forget that there is history literally everywhere you go. That street you’re walking down, other people have walked down that same street over 50, 100, or 200 years ago.

History is an important aspect of everyone’s life. History can start off small, think about your own family history, and it can grow into something bigger like your community’s history/heritage/culture, or huge, like National history huge (think George Washington or Martin Luther King Jr.).

So, I want to talk with you about history because learning about the history around you is something everyone can do, not just the people with degrees. And it’s something you can do and see everyday.

I hope by me adventuring around, checking out the history in Northern New York and other places I visit, that it inspires you to look for the forgotten or hidden history in your own adventures. And most importantly, that you share what you find with others. Thanks for adventuring with me!

Stay tuned for another exciting post, which will probably occur this weekend!


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