Oh. Hello there!

I’m Courtney Doyle, the person who is doing the adventuring behind the blog!

I have an M.S. in historic preservation from the University of Vermont and a B.A. in archaeology and history from SUNY Potsdam. I’ve worked with many different organizations including the Potsdam Public Museum and the Thousand Island Landmark Society.

I currently work with FEMA as a historic preservation specialist reservist…that’s a mouth full, I know! As a reservist, I occasionally get called to travel to states that have recently had a disaster. Currently, I’m deployed to California where I’ve been since June 2017. When I have time and am available to travel back home to Northern New York, I try to work on local preservation projects. This blog is one of my projects, which I have started to keep me involved in both preservation and history.

Being from Northern New York, I’ve learned that a lot of people have no idea where I’m talking about when I explain towns like Potsdam or Brasher Falls. While my work at the Potsdam Public Museum has showed me that not a lot of people know the history of their hometowns. So I was inspired to create this blog for those two reasons.

What I want to do with this blog is share the history and preservation of places I see on my travels and in Northern New York. Plus, I want to show people the history in their small towns and that everyday they either drive, walk, or see things that have amazing history behind them.

So if you have any thoughts or suggestions about my posts or even need yourself in doing historic research send me a message or comment. I’d love to help and hear about the exciting history you’ve seen in your adventures!

Thank you!



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Jacque

    Hi Courtney, I met you in our writing group. This is Jacqueline. I’ve been traveling abroad at least once a year for awhile now. I want to start my website and become a blogger. I would like to ask you a few questions. Please contact me at your convenience.


  2. Sallie Paulson

    Courtney – I came across your article about the Robinson family in the Military Turnpike Cemetery and with great interest! We are trying to find Marty’s 4th Great Grandfather, Daniel Robinson, who apparently lived near the tavern, yet he’s not in the cemetery! Might you have any info on his burial site so Marty can finish his request for SAR membership application. Thank you for whatever you might have. Sallie Paulson

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    1. Hello Sallie! Thank you so much for checking out my blog. I’m glad you found the information about the Robinson family in the Military Turnpike Cemetery interesting. Sadly though, I don’t have any further information about Daniel Robinson or where he may be buried for sure. Looking back over my notes from the blog post and looking at the website with the transcriptions for the gravestones, while there is at least one Daniel Robinson descendant in the cemetery, there’s actually no “Robinson” gravestone there. That kind of indicates to me that the family might have had their own burial ground where Daniel Robinson might have been buried? If you have been able to determine where Lewis Sage Robinson was buried, I would assume that his father, Daniel, would have been buried there as well. The other thought would be if you’ve able to determine where Thankfull Sage Robinson was buried, her husband, Daniel would hopefully be near by. With all that said though, the Military Turnpike Cemetery is very old and the stones have not been maintained and many are hard to read and are broken. It’s very plausible that a number of the Robinson family is buried there and we just don’t know. I wish you all luck in figuring out where Daniel Robinson is buried! Best and thank you for reaching out !


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