Research Preview

It’s 5 am right now and I figured this would be the perfect time to create a post before I go to work for the rest of the day!

The above photo and following image, are just a preview of some of the posts I’m working on about places in Northern New York and in Canada!

The Instagram shot was taken at Upper Canada Village, a living history enactment site dedicated to displaying life as it was in 1860’s Upper Canada. All of its buildings have been moved to their present site from other townships mainly because of the St. Lawrence Seaway Project of the 1950’s that flooded 10 villages along the St. Lawrence River. The history is really interesting and I’m researching a little more before posting about all the coolness that is Upper Canada Village!

The following picture preview, is for a post coming later this week to a preservation-adventure blog near you!

Stay tuned!



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