Rochester: A Photo Adventure

I originally had no plans of writing about my trip to Rochester that I took in March because it happened before I started this blog. But, in that past few weeks I found an interesting book on the architecture of Rochester and Monroe County at the BirchBark Bookstore.

For those interested in used bookstores, the BirchBark Bookstore, is conglomerate of connected buildings, each filled with used books of all genres. It is located at 40 Ashton Road in Potsdam and it’s only opened on the weekends. It’s one of those unique Northern N.Y. finds.

The book is from 1974 and written by Paul Malo, with photographs by Hans Padelt and “Others.” It was published by Syracuse University Press. The written history is good read and helps highlight the architectural history of Rochester and what was going on socially and economically to inspire the changes in buildings design.


The photographs are amazing, as you can see from the front cover of the book! They’re a great source of what Rochester looked like during the 1970’s. By the way all of the photographs are black and white.

I figured I’d share some of the photos I took while in Rochester. They are not as great as the black and whites but cool to look at, especially if you’ve never been to Rochester. My photos were all taken with my Android phone and from the interior of a car. I was not driving. My good friend, who I was visiting was driving us around Rochester, when I took all of these photos. It was a very cold weekend so we did not do a lot of walking.

Also, when I took all of the photographs, I did not know anything about the buildings at the time. I did a little research using the book and general “Google” searches to find out what I could about the buildings I saw. There are captions for each photograph with information about the location of the building and any history I could find. Hopefully the photographs make you want to visit Rochester sometime!


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